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Our research interest

The research of the Continental Margins Group (GMC) focuses on the basic and applied geology of continental margins and adjacent deep-marine environments, in different geological settings and locations (the East and West Mediterranean, Black Sea, East and West Atlantic, Pacific, Caribbean, Indian Ocean (Gulf of Adean) and Southern Ocean).

The research involves geomorphology, stratigraphy, sedimentology, geotechnics and tectonics and the group participates in various national and international research programmes and projects.

General Research Topics

Other topics

In addition, the GMC has been investigating marine mineral resources, from basic research to participation in the development of technology. The work has been directed towards:

  • Hydrocarbon exploration in contourites and turbidite systems | Information
  • Presence of gas hydratesfluids in marine sediments | Information
  • Identifying shelf and coastal sands for beach nourishment | Information
  • Development of submarine prototypes and oceanographic vessels | Information